Sleep to dream

The night before I turned 30, I dreamt that I was asleep in my childhood room, snuggled in my childhood bed with the Monet waterlilies comforter. I knew I’d gone to bed around 11 or 12, but when I woke up, evening dusk had settled around me. Disoriented, I looked at the clock: 5:00PM.

I stumbled downstairs and saw my mom in the kitchen.

“Mom, it’s 5 o'clock!” I said. “How did you let me sleep so long?”

“You seemed like you needed the sleep,” she said.

When I woke up from this dream, a little before 8AM, I felt refreshed and wide awake, like I’d just had the most rejuvenating slumber.

Sally believed that when you dreamt about people who had died, it meant they were paying you a visit. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Mom.