On the eve of 30

Less than an hour until I turn 30. Can’t sleep. Too awake and excited.

This evening I had a surprise rendezvous. Dad and Susan called and were across the street from my office, killing time before a concert. I met them at a pizza place and then walked them to the music venue.

Standing at an intersection near Lincoln Center, waiting for the light to change, Susan’s arm wrapped around me, my dad on my other side, all of us chitchatting incessantly, I suddenly realized that like that other girl in the wedding photo, I was flanked by a parent on each side. Huh, I thought, stupified. This is pretty nice.

At that moment, my phone buzzed. Mark.

“Guess who I’m with???”


“My parents!” I squealed.

Later, walking to dinner at our favorite spot, he called me out: “You said ‘parents.’”

“I know,” I said. “I’m testing it out.”

Goodnight, 29, and all the 20s that came before it. Looking forward to greeting the morning, and all the possibilities the new decade brings.

Mark Ramel