Moving in and moving on

I have terrific news to share: Mark and I found an apartment! Now I can officially tell you that we’re moving in together.

After 7 days of searching, the 7th apartment we saw was the one. Located on a tree-lined block in a beautiful Brooklyn neighborhood, this converted brownstone was a no-brainer to take. As I walked down the block to meet Mark and the broker last Thursday, I felt it in my gut: this is our block, this is our apartment. And as soon as we walked in, Mark’s eyes lit up like a little kid. It took only a 2-minute private conversation to say YES YES YES!!!

This might sound funny, but I can’t believe how happy I am. Deciding to move in together was a big deal to both of us, and for a while I felt incapable of making this decision without my mother’s words of wisdom. However, once I gave Mark my “yes” to move in together in March, I’ve never looked back. Link
On our way to sign the lease on Saturday morning, I felt not even an inch of nervousness (and I always feel jitters for big decisions). After we signed, a perma-beam stayed plastered on my face for the rest of the day. I never thought I’d be “that girl” who had such a girly reaction, but I’m totally guilty of it!

As I learned on Mother’s Day, part of moving in with Mark means moving on from my mom’s death. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel sad on Saturday that I couldn’t share it with her. I called everyone on my list and squealed in their ears, and then I looked up at the ceiling and knew she knew and was happy for me. I just knew.

So now, I’m focused on the countdown. We move on June 1, which means we have 14 days ‘til the big day. I’ll keep you updated on our progress!