Ladies Luncheon!

Happy Sunday!

Today was a great day. Mark and I still don’t have curtains, so the bright sun woke us up at 8:30 – way earlier than I’m normally up on a lazy Sunday! We took advantage of the morning. While we drank coffee, we made our first grocery list (everything’s a “first” these days, we’re like a newborn couple), and soon after I was off to Trader Joe’s (a terrific little specialty supermarket) to stock up on food for the week. Tonight’s menu: salmon croquettes. Yum!

But supermarket shopping isn’t what made today that great – please, I haven’t turned into one of those weird suburban Stepford Wives yet! – my best friends Laura and Shari came to visit! Laura drove in from Long Island; Shari subwayed from Manhattan. Friends since age 13, we have to share all the “big moments” with each other, and “moving in with a boy” (as we call it) certainly qualifies. They oohed and ahhed over the apartment, and then we sat outdoors at a nearby pub to eat salads and drink mimosas. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday!

Old friends are funny. You love each other and run to share any moment together, whether it’s booking a trip (we’re planning to go to Costa Rica in February) or celebrating a new apartment. But we also bicker like sisters (like when we tried to peer pressure Shari to buy her Costa Rica plane ticket this week). It’s a love-bicker relationship, but I love (and laugh at) every minute of it. And I loved every minute of having them here today.

Signing off for now. Salmon croquettes to be made!


P.S. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve been drifting off-topic a bit. I know this blog is about Sally and dealing with parent loss/sickness, but sometimes the best way to combat the hardships is to celebrate and really acknowledge the happy times.
Mark Ramel