I have (book) butterflies in my stomach

Ladies and gents, Monday and Tuesday are bound to be big days for my book.

MONDAY: I have a meeting with my writing group. I meet with three other writers (two of them wrote “The Hookup Handbook”!) and we review each other’s work. Tomorrow they’ll give me feedback on my book proposal – a 62-page document that details everything about my book: an overview, marketing plan, chapter outline, and sample chapters. The proposal is what I’ll eventually send to literary agents and publishers, so I’m really curious to hear what they say.

TUESDAY - I have a meeting with a super-smart woman who says my book might be a fit for a certain book publishing company – and she has the pull to forward it on to the right person. I’d say more but I’m afraid of jinxing it.

Please cross everything for me this week: fingers, toes, whatever it takes. I need it!