Connecticut, Scrabble, Friends, and other things Sally loved

Sally loved lots of things, but here are a few she totally worshipped:

  • Connecticut – she loved New Haven, her hometown.
  • The beach – she was a Piesces, ‘nuff said.
  • Scrabble – she beat everyone in my family – unless they were sick or upset, then sometimes she let us win.
  • Friends – she valued her girlfriends and taught me to do the same.
  • Birthdays – she always knew how to make it special.
Last weekend, I got to do all 5 things: I visited my friend Katie in Connecticut to surprise her for her birthday and we played Scrabble and took a trip to the beach. Pretty much the formula for happiness, according to Sally! Actually, I’d add one more to my formula: French toast at a diner.

I’ve always loved going to visit Katie. Now it’s even more fun because she and her fiance Raf just bought a house together. Some girls feel shafted when their best girlfriends find a man, but seeing Katie and Raf is like getting double the fun. I love them as a couple, and I love both of them individually. Around them, I feel 100% myself – which is why I can go visit them and be totally satisfied staying home on a Saturday night playing Scrabble, drinking wine, and ordering pizza at midnight!

Which friends do you feel 100% comfy around? Write their names below to give thanks!