You gotta have girlfriends

I once asked my mom why she needed to talk on the phone for hours to her friend, Rona. After all, I reasoned, she had Daddy to talk to.

“You can’t talk to your husband about eeeverything,” she said. “That’s what girlfriends are for.”

Well, looks like I learned from the pro. Friday nights have been unofficially declared as Girls Night for quite some time now. Whether Laura rushes into the city on the LIRR, or Jes and Sarah and Rachel and I meet up for Thai, or my 4 girl cousins and I order in sushi at Deena’s Lower East Side apartment, the week ends – and the weekend begins – with my favorite ladies by my side.

We chat about the work week, the plane that crashed into the Hudson, why they bothered to bring back Denny from the dead on Grey’s Anatomy, and which shoes really go best with a navy dress at a very winter wedding – where I’ll be heading tomorrow night.

Cold weather may make you dream of cuddling with someone special. But don’t forget about your girlfriends. They bring a different kind of warmth. And then the chill ain’t so bad.

Goodnight, my friends.