The resolution of vulnerability

In searching for Regina Spektor’s song, “Hero of the Story,” from the 500 Days of Summer movie soundtrack, I came upon dozens of young women who have recorded their own covers of Regina Spektor songs and posted their videos on YouTube. You try: Compare Regina’s original to the cover and tell me what you think:

The original:

The cover:

For me, the cover won hands down. There’s something so vulnerable about the girl performing the cover. Maybe it’s her pet parakeet shrieking in the background. Maybe it’s her dorky red polo shirt. Maybe it’s because she rarely looks up, but when she does, she looks right into your eyes. Maybe it’s because she reminds you of all the drama girls you’ve ever known, the girl in your second grade class who already had perfect pitch.

The Internet has created an open mic night for anyone with a wish to be a performer. My whole life I wished I had a singer’s voice. Instead I have a writer’s hand. Luckily, both are ways of sharing and showing that vulnerable side.

Last night I had dinner with my cousins, Susi and Sylvie, who are also two of my closest friends. A couple of glasses of wine in, I found myself confessing secrets I’d been keeping to myself the past month. The result? I woke up this morning feeling not necessarily better, but certainly more honest with myself.

So for 2010, perhaps a good resolution is to allow ourselves to be vulnerable. I’ll try harder to share my innermost thoughts with you here at Sally’s Circle, and I’d love if you tried to share more with me, either in the comments or via email.

Wishing you hugs and happiness in the new year,