I hope you all had a lovely (and filling) Thanksgiving!

Like last year, and every year since I was a little kid, I spent the holiday with my mom’s side of the family in Connecticut. Aunt Sherry & Uncle Stuary host a wonderful dinner packed with about a dozen of our relatives and tons of yummy food. Even though my mom is no longer here, I’m proud to carry on the tradition and represent “the Bardach clan”! It’s my favorite holiday of the year.

This year was particularly special because we celebrated my Great Aunt Ruthy’s 90th birthday and my Uncle Stuart’s 70th birthday. Everyone wrote beautiful, heartfelt notes to Aunt Ruthy, which she read aloud. Some even made her well up! Uncle Stuart loves celebrating his birthday, as you can tell from his new accessory in the photo below.

I also got to hang out with my little cousins, Jamie & Greg, two of my favorite people in the world. Right before we were about to sit down for the big turkey dinner, Greg decided it was time to pull out his front tooth. The tooth fairy was very generous to him on account of it being a holiday – $6! All Jamie wants for Chanukah is a puppy, so everyone spent a lot of time debating the ups and downs of owning a pet.

Last but not least, I was also fortunate to have Mark by my side for the third year in a row. He’s the only guy I know who can even make stabbing a forkful of turkey fun. He keeps me giggling, and it makes me miss Sally less, because I know she’d be happy that he’s comfortable there and loves talking to her older brother (Uncle Stuart), younger brother (Uncle Howie), and all the rest of the family.

Especially in a year full of change (Dad selling the house and moving in with Susan, me moving in with Mark, Jordan’s girlfriend Robyn moving in with him), it was nice to celebrate a holiday in a home I’ve known for as long as I can remember. I may have lost my childhood house this year, but over the holiday I realized Aunt Sherry’s and Uncle Stuart’s home is one of my childhood houses, too, and I’m lucky to still have not only their house but all my favorite traditions (including Aunt Sherry’s famous Chocolate Chip Cake!).

How was your holiday?

Mark Ramel