Sally's birthday rolls around again

Hi everyone,

I hope the winter months have been treating you well. I feel bad that I’ve abandoned you by not posting in a while. I miss writing here, though, and I’m happy to be back.

So, Sally’s birthday is tomorrow (2/22). Another birthday, another year past. I wrote about her birthday last year – both the good and the bad – and yet every year feels so different.

This is the eighth year my family will celebrate Sally’s birthday without her. It reminds me of the old children’s taunt about breaking a mirror and getting 7 years of bad luck. Now, in year #8, I think my family is done with our bad luck.

In the past year, all three Bardachs moved in with their significant others: I moved in with Mark, Dad sold our house and moved in with his girlfriend Susan, and my brother Jordan’s girlfriend Robyn moved in with him. What this really means is that all three Bardachs have a lot of love and happiness in their lives. No room for bad luck!

On a personal note, in my own life decisions, I have come to be less frustrated by missing Sally’s words of wisdom. I look at my peers and realize they are no longer living according to their parents’ rules or guidance; they are living on their own terms and deciding things for themselves. I’m no longer the 20-year-old girl who lost her mom. Now I’m the 27-year-old woman who’s living in the present. Basically, I can’t be mad at Sally anymore – I’m too old!

So, even though I do feel at a crossroads right now as I make decisions about my career and my future, Sally is no longer my roadblock. She is still there. Perhaps she was the sunshine on my face as I ran to the Brooklyn Promenade today, or the gentle caress that soothed Mark this weekend while he was sick, or maybe she’s just hovering around in some intangible form, like the song lyrics that pop into my head when I’m sad, singing: “Baby mine, don’t you cry. Baby mine, dry your eyes. Rest your head close to my heart, never to part, baby of mine.” (Yes, it’s the song Dumbo’s mom sings to Dumbo – watch the video below!)

Sending love and hugs and birthday wishes to you, Mom.