Sally and I believe in signs -- do you?

Here are the signs I’ve seen in the past few days…

1. My TV stopped working. The clunky box that distracts me nightly with Top Chef, CNN, and Will and Grace reruns made a funny sound for a few days, and now it makes no sound at all. (Yes, I’ve tried raising the volume, and no it’s not on mute thankyouverymuch). First I was frustrated (OK, I’m still a little frustrated), but then I saw it as a sign… I wasn’t meant to have any distractions the past few days. I was meant to work on and complete by book proposal. Luckily, my iPod provided me with Elliott Smith, Neutral Milk Hotel, Cat Power, and Mirah to keep my writing batteries charged.

2. My pin fell off. I wear a Kimya Dawson pin on my jacket that says her album title, “Remember That I Love You.” After taking a lovely, sunny walk around the neighborhood to celebrate my book proposal, I spun through my office’s revolving door and heard a clink on the sidewalk. I looked down and there was my pin. I’m sure as sure can be that it was Sally smiling and saying, “Remember that I love you.”

3. It’s St. Proposal Day. My walk outside was filled with celebration. Men wore plastic green top hats. Girls wore 4-leaf clovers tacked to their shirts. Laughter and ruckus echoed from Irish pubs into the midtown streets. They all think it’s St. Patty’s Day; only I know it’s St. Proposal Day.

Do you believe in signs? What signs have you seen throughout your life?