Patrick Swayze Dies of Pancreatic Cancer

Hi friends,

I’m so sad to report that Patrick Swayze died today of pancreatic cancer.

I just found out the news, too. When I logged on to Facebook, the first thing I noticed was a friend’s wall post: poor Swayz. Out loud I said, “Oh no.” A few other Facebook comments confirmed. Another “Oh no” from me. And then a google of “Patrick Swayze” triple-confirmed. I kept wishing the news was wrong.

It’s so strange. Pancreatic cancer has such a hard-hit reality, as close to a death sentence as any cancer. Yet when it strikes someone you love or admire, someone who has so much passion and feist, it’s so easy to believe they can beat it. So naive to think they could be the 1 in a million who survive. Sometimes I think if I just accepted the reality, it would hurt less. But I also believe it’s our faith in our loved ones that gives them the ability to beat the odds. Sally and Patrick both lived way longer than most pancreatic cancer patients, who often pass within 6 months. I think that says a lot about their gusto. (See a clip of Patrick Swayze in his Barbara Walters exclusive interview in January.)

Poor Patrick. And his poor wife. I’m keeping them in my heart tonight.


P.S. Sally, if you’re out there reading, this could be your big chance to go Dirty Dancing with Patrick. Keep your eyes peeled for him. Laura will be very jealous!