No I haven't forgotten about you

Hi friends,

It’s been a bit of a hiatus since I last wrote, huh? This past weekend my girlfriends asked, “So… where have the blogs been?” I shrugged: “It’s summer…?” Excuse = lame!

Summer so far has been very Dickens: the best of times, the worst of times. For me, it’s honestly been the best of times. I love my new apartment and I really love living with Mark. His friends recently asked how I liked my new “roommate.” I said that mostly it’s been very normal and nice, kinda quiet and peaceful. For example, right now he’s in the office designing a resume for our resume company and I’m lying in bed blogging. We have our alone time but it’s wonderful knowing he’s a wall away. His friends, joking around, said, “So what I’m hearing is that it’s not extraordinary!” But nope, it’s that, too.

So while I’m in the best of times, over in newly-moved-in honeymoon-ville, my friends are having a rough go of it. Boyfriends are breaking their hearts, family stress is dragging them down, job loss (or fear of it) is prevalent.

Being happy while your friends are sad just seems unfair. I often wish I could spread the wealth, like blowing one of those poofy weeds where all the seeds scatter. Sometimes I think I’m allowed to be happy now because of all the sadness I experienced when Sally died. Not in an “I deserve it” way. It’s more a feeling like there are only so many sobs in the universe and I used up a lot of my quota then. I hope my friends are using up their quota now and will be happy soon, too.

Saying some prayer for my girls tonight.