My mother's plates

You eat your food on them. You put them in the dishwasher. You place them in your cabinet. Plates don’t get a whole lot of credit, but these plates here are very special to me. They belonged to my parents – a wedding gift from my dad’s parents – and now they belong to me.

As a kid, these were not our everyday plates; these were the plates we used for company. This means that when I look at these plates I see a full table with extra chairs, hear my mom’s too-loud laugh, and taste my dad’s famous baked ziti. My mom always had a thing for butterflies, and once imagined herself as a butterfly in a poem she wrote, so the beautiful blue butterflies on the plate make me feel like she’s with me in my new home.

Since my dad is selling our house, the house of my childhood, he gave me this set of dishware as part of Operation: Bardach Clean-Up. I was happy he wanted to give them to me, and I’m happy to have something I use every day that reminds me of my mom.

Do you have a favorite item from your parents?