My First Mother's Day Was Awful AF — but It Was Still the Best

Last Mother’s Day was my first as a new mom. Ever since my mother died when I was 20, I’d dreaded the holiday. But last year, even though I still missed my mom, for the first time in 14 years I also couldn’t wait to celebrate. Cards, flowers, boozy brunch? Bring it on.

My husband knew my hellish history with the holiday, and gave me carte blanche on plans. I chose a family brunch in New Jersey — a chance to introduce our son to my mother’s relatives.

Here’s what I envisioned: a sunny, tree-lined, hour-long drive from Brooklyn to New Jersey, me freshly showered (for once) and in a floral blouse laughing at some joke my husband made, our baby snoozing peacefully in his car seat (waking only to pose for the perfect Instagram photo).

Here’s what actually happened: I was so adamant about celebrating the holiday that I insisted my son did not have pink eye. (He TOTALLY had pink eye.)

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